Chayanne Arrived for the Premios Oye!

Chayanne arrived on a private plane in Mazatlan yesterday to attend the tenth installment of Premios Oye! which will be honoring his 30-year career.

Hotel staff said Chayanne was friendly to tourists and locals who came to greet him, but the security person accompanying him did not allow anyone to approach him or take photographs. In addition to his personal bodyguard, Chayanne also has a hotel security guard.

The hosting center employees reported that Chayanne arrived at the hotel with golf clubs and for a while was sunbathing by the pool, where few people recognized him because he had a cap.

You can read more at: ¡Ya llegó Chayanne!

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  1. Me gusta la informacion que publican en esta pagina agradesco que me la envien Gracias . y pronto celebraremos el cumpleaños nuestro Chayanne le deseo lo mejor se lo merece . Atte . Rose mary

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