The crisis forced the suspension of Chayanne’s concert

The crisis forced the suspension of Chayanne’s concert

The representative of the Puerto Rican artist required an elevator be brought from the U.S.


Chayanne will not perform in Laguna next September as planned. The crisis and the costly demands of the show to be offered by the Puerto Rican artist during the Fiestas del Cristo, have forced the area to break the contract with Rolo Productions.  

“I’m sorry that Chayanne cannot perform in La Laguna but be realistic. They demanded a brand of microphones, pianos and drums that are not in Spain. Furthermore, in a choreographed show that will include an elevator that we cannot obtain in our country, they should have brought the material from the United States, “said Festival Councilman, Jonathan Dominguez.

Earlier this year it was announced that the highlight of the programming of the Fiestas del Cristo would be the performance of the Puerto Rican singer and dancer. It was the artist himself who announced the news during a visit to the island when he was on Premios Cadena Dial 2009.  

“I’ll be in La Laguna in the tour of my new album, a journey that begins on the 19th of August and will perform as well in other Spanish cities including Madrid, Valencia, La Coruña … several major cities,” said the singer to this newspaper last February.

A few months later, the local Corporation closed the contract with the producer and tickets were put on sale for 26 euros. The inescapable date for fans of Chayanne was set for September 19 at 21:00.

Although it was not until today when the council for the scheduling of the Festivity to celebrate the feast of Christ communicated the cancellation of Chayanne’s performance, Dominguez announced that “we had an investment for this concert of 50,000 euros for a single day. We cannot spend this money when we cut everywhere, even the party committees of the various districts of the municipality. ”

The Councillor for Fiestas also explained that when we proposed that the concert was held in La Laguna, it was agreed with the producer that the artist use the same stage with materials we already had for the Fiestas del Cristo. Besides, we were going to commission security, close the plaza and put in more lights ”

At that time, the Corporation estimated that “the extra cost of Chayanne’s concert would be between 18,000 and 30,000 euros for the artist’s fee which was going to be covered by the sale of tickets,” added the mayor. However, the 50,000 euros to rent the elevator and the rest of the material has prevented the Harriers enjoy the show.

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